4 Areas to Focus On in Your Spring Cleaning

It feels great to live in a healthy home, but that’s only possible with regular cleaning. Every home should carry out spring cleaning to tackle the areas that are usually forgotten all year round. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, spring cleaning is more important than ever.
Many areas in your home don’t get daily or even monthly cleaning. This doesn’t mean they don’t trap dirt and dust.

Here’re the four areas you should give priority when you’re spring cleaning:

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most frequented space in your home that you need to give more attention to during spring cleaning. Think of the leftovers stuck in the cracks of your kitchen.

You can only enjoy your kitchen and keep it clean by ensuring that kitchenware such as the oven, sink, and fridge are clean. Ensure you scrub them thoroughly during spring cleaning to give your kitchen that sparkling look.

Carpets and Rugs

Vacuuming often does not make your carpets clean enough. Carpet fibers trap a lot of dirt and germs that may not be visible. Don’t only settle on removing the lingering dust.

Some dirt might be lying within your rugs and carpet. Remember those crazy party nights you enjoyed with your friends? Just imagine the spills and all kinds of dirt that got deep inside your carpet fibers.

When you notice there is dirt and some stains on your carpet, don’t hesitate to steam-clean it. You can hire residential cleaning service to do it for you because they have the necessary tools and equipment.

Closets and Cabinets

You have a lot of clothes that can open up a boutique if you put them together. Ensure you get rid of items that you no longer wear when spring cleaning.

There’s no need to keep clothes that you won’t wear in the coming days if you lose or add some weight. You can donate them to care homes, throw them away, or sell them.

Make your closet and cabinets presentable by creating more space. You can use drawers and containers to organize your accessories inside them. This will make it easier to put together your outfits.

Cleaning your closets and cabinets will prevent you from accumulating things you don’t need. You’ll free up space for your other valuables.

Windows and Treatments

Many people don’t wash their windows every time they’re cleaning. The winter season is also not the best season to clean outside your windows.

Therefore, when spring cleaning, remember to go through each room in your home and clean inside your window using a glass cleaner.

Pay close attention to window frames and window sills. You can easily clean them from outside by using a ladder to get to the frames.

Ensure your ladder is sturdy before climbing up. You can have someone hold it for you. Remove the dust that has buildup over time by washing them with hot water. You can also use soap and hot water for the blinds and shades in your window.