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Maintenance CleanNet Canada is a trusted name in cleaning commercial, office, and industrial buildings. Our company is widely known for its honesty, reliability, and commitment to ensuring our clients’ success. We operate in most major cities in Quebec and Ontario, and our highly efficient organization enables us to stay in constant communication with customers across significant regions like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, and Gatineau, among others.
Quality Janitorial Services

Quality is not just a goal, it’s our fundamental strategy for survival and future growth. We believe that quality is not merely an act but a habit that needs to be ingrained in all our operations. At Maintenance CleanNet Canada, we are committed to delivering quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our success is based on the satisfaction of our customers, and we strive to build lasting partnerships with them and our suppliers. We take pride in being recognized as an innovative, reliable, and results-oriented contractor and business partner by our customers. We constantly strive to do the right things and not just do things right.

We prioritize strong relationships to succeed as trusted recruitment partners. Our reputation is built on honesty and ethics, and we prioritize our clients’ interests. We strive to create lasting relationships and respect confidentiality. Our company prides itself on lasting integrity and commitment. We are relationship-focused, committed to mutual success.

At Excellence in Cleaning, we guarantee top-notch cleaning services. Our team is available 24/7 to cater to all your emergency needs and we strive to ensure your satisfaction. Our certifications serve as proof of our commitment to quality and offer benefits to our esteemed customers. We guarantee that all our cleaning services will be completed on time and we will address any specific service issues within one business day.

We maintain open communication channels with our customers, suppliers, employees, and subcontractors to ensure their satisfaction with our cleaning services. Clear communication, respect, and support improve employee performance and work relationships.

Maintenance CleanNet Canada

Superior Cleaning Company

Green Cleaning

Maintenance CleanNet Canada is an industry-leading company in green commercial cleaning. In an ever-increasing health and environmentally conscious consumer market, the demand for green cleaning services puts Maintenance CleanNet Canada at the forefront of the competition. Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, sustainable processes, and Green Seal Certified, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning chemicals as a standard. We encourage our customers to choose environmentally friendly and biodegradable products that do not harm human health or the environment throughout their entire lifecycle.

Tools and equipment

Cleaning personnel require proper equipment and tools to clean efficiently. Our employees are equipped with the latest and best tools which help them to perform better. We invest in new equipment every year to replace the old ones. This approach helps us stay ahead of the competition and provide better value to our customers. We consider customer demand and technological advances while making decisions about equipment upgrades. We have all the essential equipment and supplies necessary to complete maintenance tasks within a specified timeframe.


We emphasize ensuring that all our employees receive thorough training before they start cleaning at any site. Additionally, each employee is given recognizable uniforms to wear while performing their duties. We maintain high standards of professionalism and expect our employees to present themselves accordingly, including their clothing, personal hygiene, and appearance. These standards are in line with our organizational practices of appropriate business conduct and professionalism.

Customizable cleaning options

Maintenance CleanNet Canada offers customizable cleaning options at competitive rates for a wide range of clients. We provide services to offices, clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, warehouses, dealerships, religious centers, daycares, retail stores, gyms, and more. With our financial background, we ensure that you receive a monthly invoice, which can help reduce your administration costs. You can rest assured that the stability of your contract is guaranteed.

24h Emergency service

We are available to be contacted via phone 24/7, which means that you can directly speak with the person in charge in the event of an emergency. We assure you that we will respond within 60 minutes and provide same-day emergency cleaning services.

One point of contact

We provide a single point of contact for every premises, who will be a qualified supervisor. The supervisor will be responsible for managing the cleaning crew, performing evaluations and inspections, ordering and delivering cleaning products, and reporting the cleaning results to our clients. We invest significant time and effort in improving our cleaning techniques, tracking our cleaning activities, and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.


24/7 Help Desk and Emergency Cleaning Response