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About our Performed Quality Control

If you ask most janitorial services to describe theirs, you would probably hear statements similar to the following: “We train our janitors well, and we inspect their work regularly.”
Thorough training and inspections are very important, but it says little about what is really involved in running a top notch janitorial company and providing consistent quality cleaning year after year. There are many important aspects of a business’s operation that affect employee performance and the quality of their work. Following is a summary of the comprehensive Quality Control Programs and System we implement at Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc.

Hiring & Screening

When we interview people, we look for applicants:

  • highly motivated to do janitorial work
  • have the right attitude
  • have the necessary abilities we are looking for

The person we hire for the job is screened thoroughly:

  • We check up to three references
  • We also do background checks before we have hired the applicant for security concerns
Thorough Training

We thoroughly train our people by:

  • Demonstrating our methods
  • Observing and correcting the new employee’s work
  • Following up with supervision and reinforcement training when needed

We supervise our new employees frequently to ensure that they understand what is required of them and so that they learn to do quality work.  After they have proven they can be reliable and trustworthy, we continue to inspect their work on a weekly basis; more often depending on the difficulty of the building and the performance of the employee.

Dual Inspection Reports

At the end of each shift, our employees inspect their work and they complete the Daily Inspection Report form. The supervisor of the premises inspects the cleanliness of the building and fills up the Quality Inspection Report. Both reports stay in the building in the Janitorial Room and the customer can access them at all times, thus allowing our clientele to track any progress and maintenance done that day. It is imperative for us to satisfy both our clientele as well as our supervision department.  We invest a great deal of time improving the way we clean, the way we track our cleaning and the way we report our cleaning results to our clients.

Regular Evaluations

Feedback through regular evaluations is an important tool we use to let our employees know if their work performance and cleaning quality is meeting our standards.  It helps them understand where they need to improve, and clearly reinforce our expectations.

Good Communication

Showing respect, being supportive and clearly communicating expectations is very important to a positive working relationship and for getting good performance from employees.  Most people do better work when they are treated with respect and are recognized for their hard work and for the contribution they make.  We continually make efforts to keep communication lines open to our employees for their input, or should they need to express their concerns or grievances.  Employees should feel safe to air reasonable grievances without retaliation from supervisors or management.

Proper equipment & Cleaning supplies

Cleaning personnel cannot clean efficiently without the proper equipment, tools and cleaning products.  Our employees know that they have the best tools and products and the latest equipment at their disposal; it encourages them to do better work. We invest in new equipment to replace the old every year. This way we lead the competition and we give you better value. Customer demand and technological advances weigh heavily on the decision. We encourage our customers to choose Eco–Friendly & Biodegradable products that do not harm human health and the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal.


We make sure that our cleaning products are properly labeled and that MSDS forms are at each site along with very specific building specifications. We educate our employees to understand what cleaning chemicals they use, and how to work safely and avoid illness and injury on the job.  We want our employees to be safe and to be able to do janitorial work without risk to their health.


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