Food plant sanitation

Implementing Effective Plant Sanitation Procedures

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Food plant sanitation

Managing a food plant sanitation program can consume a substantial portion of an organization’s operating resources. By outsourcing these services to Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc. customers spend more time focused on their primary business, producing quality products.

Our customized Food plant Sanitation and Preventative Maintenance programs are designed to meet all HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements.

Efficient use of labour, chemicals and equipment will control costs, reduce operating expenses, optimize productivity and ensure that high food safety standards are met. In addition, our customers will avoid costly shutdowns and late production start-ups. We work closely with our customers’ Quality Control department to develop proper sanitation procedures that are in compliance with CFIA’s (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) latest HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements.

We accomplish this through written food sanitation procedures, training and technical assistance, safety management, consulting and knowledge of increasingly stricter compliance regulations.

  • Sanitation of Meat Processing Plant
  • Sanitation of Poultry Processing Plant
  • Sanitation of Oil, Margarine & Shortening Processing Plant
  • Bakery Sanitation
  • Beverage Sanitation
  • Brewery Sanitation
  • Supermarket Sanitation
  • Dairy Sanitation
  • Restaurant Sanitation
  • Sanitize Experts
  • Plant Janitorial Maintenance
  • Sanitation Programs
  • Pre-operational Process
  • Master Cleaning Schedule and Documentation
  • Customized Cleaning and Sanitizing of Processing Areas and Equipment
  • Monthly Inspections
  • Equipment Audits
  • Warehouse Management

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