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Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc.  takes safety seriously and has a spotless record; there hasn’t been a major incident in all these years of service.

Through committed leadership, clearly defined objectives, and ongoing dialogue with all employees and business partners, we have created a culture that is totally committed to improving the health and safety for all those who work with us.

All our employees go through a thorough security check and each of our employees wears a Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc.  uniform for easy identification on the job site.

Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc. and employees are bonded, fully covered by a public liability insurance of $5,000,000 and covered by the CSST # 88960506

Maintenance CleanNet Canada Inc.   is committed to providing an incident free and zero harm environment. It is central to the sustainability of the business.

All of our employees, supervisors and managers are trained in health and safety to a high standard.

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