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Implementing cleaning safety
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A clean workplace has numerous benefits. It can enhance productivity, improve safety, prevent health risks, and boost the overall mood of employees and visitors. That’s why cleaning professionals and workers are critical in maintaining a tidy and presentable workplace.

While cleaning tasks exist in almost every workplace and industry, they are more necessary and significant in specific sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

Workers responsible for cleaning tasks face various hazards and risks depending on the nature of their work and the industry they work in. These can include musculoskeletal disorders resulting from manual handling of cleaning equipment, skin complications such as allergies, asthma, and burns caused by toxic chemicals found in cleaning agents. Therefore, enforcing safety measures and guidelines for all cleaning work is essential to ensure workers are protected and safe from hazardous events.

Safety first

Ensuring the safety of everyone we work with

Maintenance CleanNet Canada takes cleaning safety standards in the workplace seriously. We prioritize safety and maintain a flawless record of no significant incidents throughout all the years of service. We achieve this through dedicated leadership, well-defined goals, and continuous communication with all employees and business partners. Our goal is to create a culture dedicated to enhancing the health and safety of everyone working with us.

We provide our employees with the necessary equipment, training, and resources to enforce cleaning safety standards in the workplace, and we ensure that all employees responsible for cleaning areas and equipment follow appropriate health and safety procedures.

All of the employees working at Maintenance CleanNet Canada are fully bonded and covered by a public liability insurance policy. We are also covered by CNSST. Moreover, we conduct a comprehensive security check on all our employees before hiring them. Additionally, our employees wear a Maintenance CleanNet Canada uniform that makes them easily identifiable on the job site.

At Maintenance CleanNet Canada, we are committed to providing an incident-free and zero-harm environment, which is central to our business’s sustainability. Our employees and supervisors receive comprehensive health and safety training to ensure the well-being of everyone we work with.


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