Your office serves as your second home. In fact, some individuals spend more time in the office than at home.
Therefore, we can assume that your office conditions greatly affect your health. When you feel unwell, one of the places you need to think about is your workplace. This is the primary reason why office cleaning is just as important as cleaning your home.
Ensure you keep all the critical areas of your office clean to safeguard your health and boost your productivity. If you cannot do the cleaning by yourself, hire a professional commercial cleaning company and let experts take care of the cleaning while you focus on other things that matter.
Here are the four most critical areas of your office that must always be clean.

Floor Area

The floor is the only area of your office that is in constant contact with you and your employees. Whatever you step on outside, there is a chance of bringing it inside and dumping it on the floor. This makes it an excellent breeding ground for all types of germs and pathogens.
To stay safe and healthy, you need to ensure that the office floor is always clean. Mop it every single day to keep the office safe for you, your employees, and visitors.
A general rule of the thumb is to clean your office floor at least three times a day – morning, afternoon, and in the evening before you leave. Consider using high-grade and intensive cleaning solutions.

Personal Desk

Your personal working desk is another area that you must always strive to keep clean. Keep in mind that this is where you spend almost all of your time while in the office. Work desks tend to attract a lot of microorganisms that may cause harm to you if you don’t get rid of them. Disinfect your work desk every day before you settle down for work. Pay close attention to the mouse, keyboard, and desk keys because you constantly touch them. Once you have disinfected these components, wipe your entire desk surface to get rid of any bacteria that may be lurking there.

Rest Rooms

Another critical component of office cleaning routine is the comfort room. While it may be obvious that all places in the workplace must be kept clean, you need to pay close attention to the restrooms because they are home to thousands of different types of bacteria. A typical toilet bowl can hold as much as 3.5 million bacteria per square inch. That is scary, right? Now, imagine the kind of health risk it poses to you and your employees. Consider cleaning the restrooms several times in a day using high-grade cleaning products.


The pantry serves as a common meeting point for your employees during break time. It is also home to the office food stock. Almost every kitchen appliance you might have in the workplace is kept here. Be it the toast maker or the coffee maker that keeps you alive most of the time, you will find it here.
Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of pathogens are also found here.
For instance, the water reservoir in the coffee maker can be a breeding ground for thousands of pathogens that can harm your health. Always strive to keep the pantry area and every appliance clean to stay safe.